Others Reporter’s diary: The balancing act

Reporter’s diary: The balancing act

Author | Priyanka Mehra | Saturday, Jun 23,2012 8:18 PM

Reporter’s diary: The balancing act

Deadlines, stories quotes, meetings are words that dominate at least five days of our week. What is left of the week is spent in planning the glorious weekend, which comes and goes faster than you can blink.

Sometimes I wonder whether I would prefer more of leisure time than I seem to have now; the media world is certainly not a place for those looking for a leisurely time. So it is leisure versus the mad world of interviews, meetings, mayhem before the issue closing day when the resolution of that unattainable picture is of prime importance!

The truth is when I had my share of leisure time, I longed to get back to work, like many others who may not have been branded a workaholic like me but want the best of both the worlds and are constantly striving to achieve the balance.

My way of doing it is giving my absolute best through the five days of the week and then completely and truly switching off work during in weekend. It may sound simple but it has taken me a while to do this. A complete workaholic not too long ago, my life pretty much revolved around work to a point where my boss would actually request me to take time off and colleagues were not too happy with a person who started sending emails from 4 AM onwards.

My colleagues were my new friends as it was in office where I spent my whole day. Nevertheless I learnt an immense amount and grew as a professional to new heights , without realising fully that I didn’t quite know what was happening with my close friends , well…I had friends at work, didn’t I?

It was when things were not going so well at work and I looked around, I realised I didn’t quite know where I was going, being constantly on the move. I was running from home to work, official trips, not to mention the endless events and parties related to work…but in the daily running around the conference room, presentations and board meetings, I didn’t actually know where I was headed.

Like they say, better late than never. I had and continue to have a support system that made me realise work is important but there is more to life than work. Since then, it’s been a lesson well learnt for me. I love my work and guess what…I love my leisure time more than ever.

“He enjoys true leisure who has time to improve his soul's estate” – Henry David Thoreau.

I couldn’t agree more.

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