Others Reporter’s Diary: Of Corrections, the Other side of the Desk and After Dark...

Reporter’s Diary: Of Corrections, the Other side of the Desk and After Dark...

Author | Jhinuk Sen | Saturday, Oct 09,2010 7:42 AM

Reporter’s Diary: Of Corrections, the Other side of the Desk and After Dark...

It is strange for me to write the Reporter’s Diary for I am not a reporter. My daily duties do not involve meeting people or interviews or running helter-skelter for comments or even putting them all down in a story. I handle the other side of the desk – of corrections and all things that happen when the rest of the correspondents are in their beds.

Occasionally, however, there are events that I cover, some brilliant industry minds I get to meet. This industry is so staggeringly vast that every passing day, despite many, many stories edited, names oft heard, events attended – I realise that I am just learning how to scratch the surface. The media, the print, the digital awe me. Every story that I handle has some new gem of information to ease on to my open hands. Interviews add this whole new dimension to the big names – it is sheer inspiration to learn of the passions that go into the work they put in every single day.

Since I am not a ‘reporter’ I do not have my own ‘beat’. Thus, I can very easily morph my concentrations between stories that come in, no matter what their section. Some stories make you seriously think. The recent stories on the press coverage of the much coveted-awaited-trashed Commonwealth Games was one of them. It really made me wonder how easily one can make or break an event, and in this case a country, by the coverage they choose to release. Positive journalism seems to be a wonder of the past these days. And I can’t help but think – what would have the indigenous reporters have done had international counterparts not applauded the opening ceremony? The post-Colonial hangover is it?

The advertising world fascinates me, I think they hold in them the power to sell a fridge to an Eskimo (a run-of-the-mill joke) and make him feel that he needs it. Every ad campaign we analyse, every new marketing spend or acquisition we report – is just another step towards the big glittery world of the ad gurus. I do believe they could even sell me my own dreams.

The digital domain, as I have learnt, is this open ocean for India, we just need to take the plunge. The stalwarts say over and over again – we must learn to use the powers of the digital on our finger tips. With the raging social media, I do hope we learn fast.

I am here to learn, and every day the process draws me in more. As my Deputy Editor says – Read, Read, Read! I know I am just fiddling with the content list of this huge, fat, novel that hooks you on.

Here’s to the next chapter!

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