Others Reporter’s Diary: Nice bosses are hard to come by

Reporter’s Diary: Nice bosses are hard to come by

Author | Abid Hasan | Saturday, Feb 25,2012 7:50 AM

Reporter’s Diary: Nice bosses are hard to come by

I will say I am blessed when it comes to having a boss. It is true that only a leader should be a boss, but my boss is not just a leader. She is also a great guiding light in my life and she has taught me great lessons.

I am writing this piece because I want to share the guidance I received from her and how it has impacted my style of working, as a reporter. The quality I like the most about her is that she believes in people.

For a little background information, my boss is located in Mumbai. While she is there, she coordinates with reporters in the Delhi and Bangalore offices on an everyday basis.

So yes, it’s a little strange that someone is working in the organization but hasn’t got the chance or pleasure to meet the ‘Big Fish’. However, I knew that our paths will cross in the future and I was anxiously waiting for that moment.

I always heard that she is workaholic, she screams a lot and no one can stand in front of her. However, having met her in person, I felt she is very nice too at the same time too. Therefore, I was in a confused state of mind and there was a question mark in my head because she was not exactly what people has described her to be like and I am glad it wasn’t what I thought it would be.

Though I hadn’t spoken to her over the phone, she mailed me that she is looking forward to meeting me. Back in Delhi, the gossip was on a high note that the boss is coming. Finally, when the day arrived, I was not aware when she had already arrived in the office!

I met her, exchanged salaams and after that we had a one-on-one meeting; the moment I was out of her warm cabin, I was feeling more energetic than Baba Ramdev.

Although she was steering the wheels of the ship in the Delhi office during her stay, she did a lot of hand holding while walking me through the challenges I faced in each and every story which I did in the last ten days.

I remember that in exchange4media’s flagship event i.e. Pitch Madison Advertising Outlook Forum held few days back, she was standing next to me and advising me on how to make contacts. I have started following this and within a week I have got the confidence on how to go about making contacts with people, fixing an appointment or taking a lead for the coming time.

I have a lot of admiration for my boss. Gone are the days when boss entered the office premises and you have to say good morning with a fake smile and the day just slid by without a trace.

Apart from all this, we had lots of light moments which gave me a new name ‘Father Abid’.

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