Others Reporter’s Diary: Media is all about excitement & patience

Reporter’s Diary: Media is all about excitement & patience

Author | Abid Hasan | Saturday, Jan 28,2012 10:25 AM

Reporter’s Diary: Media is all about excitement & patience

The very mention of ‘media’ brings to mind images of newspapers, television, radio and the Internet. The men and women who work tirelessly round the clock to bring the news to the people, sometimes at the risk of one’s life.

It is this world that I have chosen as my career path. Though I am quite new to the field of media, I had been exposed to news and the working of this industry early on.

I stepped into a reporter’s shoes when I joined exchange4media 26 days back and immediately was swamped by the pulsating environment of a media house. There is always something happening in the industry that keeps us on our toes and makes this field so alive and exciting.

To be honest, my first few days here had left me quite bewildered as I tried to find my way around. But gradually, with the support of my seniors and colleagues, I seem to have found my rhythm.

It is never easy to chase a story, there are so many people to contact, so much of follow-up to do – and it isn’t always easy to get the top industry people to share their views. Chasing that elusive ‘quote’ takes up most of my work day.

But when everything is in place, the rewards are immense. To see one’s story being appreciated and make it to the ‘Most Read’ or ‘Most Emailed’ slot makes one forget all those long hours spent chasing people and pouring over background research. I have been fortunate to taste this success early on here with my reports on HT’s Mini format as well as how various players have been gearing up for the Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh.

When someone asks me why I liked the media field, I just smile and reply, “because it’s very exciting.” This is not your regular 9-5 job. Here, everyday is new, everyday is different. You never know whom you are going to meet, what sudden developments can take place. There can be no predictions here. And you get to meet and interact with the top names in the industry.

We have just stepped into a new year and I have great expectations from 2012. My gut feel says, this year will be big for the media industry and also for me on a personal level…

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