Others Reporter’s Diary: Is it just another round of IRS?

Reporter’s Diary: Is it just another round of IRS?

Author | Nitin Pandey | Saturday, Jun 18,2011 8:41 AM

Reporter’s Diary: Is it just another round of IRS?

While politics of the country has seen many surprises in the last three months, the Indian publication industry has witnessed, during the same period, an almost steady trend as per the Indian Readership Survey (IRS) 2011 Q1 data released on June 17, 2011. As I delve into the data – top magazines have seen decline, while dailies have grown. However, as I burn the midnight oil to get into the depth of the data, some interesting trends are likely to come up in our forthcoming reports.

Since IRS has become a quarterly currency, it seems that three months are not long enough for an industry reporter. But the question here is – is IRS 2011 Q1 just another round of results? Our initial finding may seem so. But, while speaking to a few industry experts, I got to know why these results are interesting to deal with.

The latest IRS results appeal all the more in that this is the first time since the IRS became quarterly currency that we have data of all the four quarters of the previous year. This gives us an option to compare IRS 2011 Q1 to IRS 2010 Q1 – as we assume that the research period for both remains the same.

However, while interacting with some media experts, wide ranging views emerged on whether to compare this quarter of IRS results with the previous quarter or the corresponding quarter of 2010. As we come to the conclusion that comparing with IRS 2010 Q1 gives a fair understanding of the industry trends, we at exchange4media will follow the same thought process for our upcoming reports on the latest IRS results. Nonetheless, we welcome any feedback, reaction or viewpoint from our readers on our IRS coverage.

But to keep my promise, let me delve further into the heap of data to bring out better perspectives and better analysis of the Indian Readership Survey for Indian publications.


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