Others Reporter’s Diary: City of Joy revisited

Reporter’s Diary: City of Joy revisited

Author | Abid Hasan | Saturday, Jun 09,2012 7:46 PM

Reporter’s Diary: City of Joy revisited

When I was asked to head to Kolkata to cover the Engage 2012 Digital Media Summit, the first thing that came to my mind was to have my fill of macher jhol (fish curry) and the delectable roshogulla. But more than that was the immense joy of reconnecting with the city that I have been to several times before. And of course, I was eager to see what changes are visible in Bengal under Mamata Didi.

I found no let-up in joy in the City of Joy, perhaps a little wilting under the summer sun, and I soaked in the genteel bhadra lok conversations, the old nooks and crannies and shops.

But work soon beckoned and I got busy with the Summit coverage. Since this was eastern India’s largest digital media summit, the excitement was palpable. Organised by the Public Relations Society of India (PRSI), the Summit saw quite a few well-known names from the digital media and corporate sphere.

There were senior executives from companies like Tata Steel, Pinstorm, Google India, The Nielsen Company, MSLGroup and many more.

The discussions were wide-ranging and brought to light how corporates are engaging digital media in various ways to enhance brand image, connect with the TG, devise communication strategies and much more.


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