Others Reporter’s Diary: Being Bollywood...

Reporter’s Diary: Being Bollywood...

Author | Priyanka Nair | Saturday, Sep 22,2012 9:22 PM

Reporter’s Diary: Being Bollywood...

“You are too dramatic” – this is something that I get to hear often when I interject a ‘filmy’ dialogue in a normal life situation. Well, I am one of those kinds who think life is a stage and all people are actors. Thus, one can come out of any messy situation triumphantly, just like they show in Bollywood movies.

I don’t think there is any harm to one’s reputation if one is labelled as a ‘Bollywood Buff’, after all, ‘Being Bollywood’ is an art. Since the time I adapted myself as a media reporter, I have been honing this ‘art’ from a different perceptive.

Earlier, I would memorise the best dialogues, immerse myself in the songs, copy the dance moves – just brought the big screen drama alive. But now I view Bollywood through the ‘marketing’ lens.

While the audience in the movie theatre was moved by Ranbir Kapoor’s performance in ‘Barfi’, what caught my attention was the excellent transition of Murphy radio’s outdoor campaign to Avon Cylces’ campaign. When Barfi and Jhilmil were sharing a funny moment, I couldn’t help notice the wall painting with Rupa branding. When Barfi starts off his new job, what came to my focus was the Prestige pressure cooker on which he was carving people’s names. Such is the beauty of in-film marketing.

Over the years film marketing has become more sophisticated, with big monies involved. Gone are the days when film stars were merely roped in to endorse a brand. Today, on grounds promotions and in serial appearances are the new avenues that films are exploring as marketing exercises.

The la-la-land of Bollywood, as many say, is turning out to be one of the most effective communication mediums, where brands can touch the hearts of viewers with a difference.

I am now heading to watch Kareena Kapoor-starter ‘Heroine’, which is said to have received the biggest release for a heroine-centric film. More than Kareena’s performance, what I am looking forward to is to see how brands have leveraged this film as a marketing medium. I am sure I will have lots to write in the coming days…

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