Others Reporter’s Diary: Back in action

Reporter’s Diary: Back in action

Author | Akash Raha | Saturday, Jan 15,2011 8:12 AM

Reporter’s Diary: Back in action

After being away and missing in action for almost a month, what better way to get back into the scene than to take on a new beat?

After a long American dream vacation, I stepped back into Delhi to be faced with at least a thousand mails in my inbox. I have been missed it seems! Once I cleared that mountain of mails, I had to dutifully let all and sundry know that I was back and eager to catch up on any development I have missed.

The print beat that I am in charge off seems to have been up and running. My fellow colleagues seemed to have taken good care of my beat. New developments, new year initiatives and new strategies and tie ups (Mail Today’s Shubh Arambh) is what kickstarted this new year. The last set of the IRS data still seems to be sinking in to the players as they prepare wisely for the days to come. I am still getting in to the thick of things as the days progress.

Besides my normal dose of print duties, I have been given the responsibility of handling the Radio section as well. This domain has always attracted me and this is a golden opportunity for me to wet my fingers in the air waves. I got in touch with the top players and am learning the basics of RAM. After IRS, now RAM is what will make me tick for a long, long time.

Radio as a genre seems to be oozing with energy. New initiatives and activations are been planned across all boards. From where it appears right now, the battle for supremacy in this field will heat up in the days to come.


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