Others Reporter’s Diary: All in a day’s work

Reporter’s Diary: All in a day’s work

Author | Deepa Balasubramanian | Saturday, Sep 29,2012 9:33 PM

Reporter’s Diary: All in a day’s work

As I delve deeper into the world of media and advertising, so many new insights emerge. Every day is chock full of learnings – and some through trial and error. When I entered the field of journalism, I had no idea where the road would head. Ever since I joined exchange4media, it’s been a journey of discovery, meetings with the top heads in the business, even more learnings – all wrapped in fun.

As my interactions with the industry people grow, I have started to get calls from ‘friends’ and ‘sources’ about developments such as “Hey Deepa, do you know Rajesh Mathew is joining Denstu Communication and the news has not been covered yet?” or “Raj TV is going to launch a new game show, something different”. Then the chase begins – to maintain exclusivity and authenticity of the news reports.

I got the chance to cover two major industry events in the South recently – The Big Bang Awards of the Ad Club Bangalore and Ad: Tech Bangalore. The joie de vivre of the participants of the Big Bang Awards was infectious and it was so easy to get carried away in all the excitement as the names of the winners were announced. Amid all that din, my reporter’s instincts kicked in and I was looking for story pegs and sound bytes.

The Ad: Tech Bangalore event, though a lot less noisy, was equally exciting with an interesting line-up of speakers who spoke on the mobile medium and how to connect with consumers. There were a lot of take-aways and insights from the discussions.

Also, I have discovered a new-found admiration for my Executive Editor, who has filled my mind with so many insights from her vast experience.

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