Others Reporter’s Diary: A new learning everyday

Reporter’s Diary: A new learning everyday

Author | Deepa Balasubramanian | Saturday, Aug 18,2012 9:24 PM

Reporter’s Diary: A new learning everyday

Watching the news channels as a kid, I was quite impressed by the news anchors and it was my dream to become an anchor one day. I moved closer towards this dream with my post graduation in journalism. But then I hit a roadblock – try as I may, I was finding it tough to get a breakthrough. It was then that I appeared for a written test for a media company I hadn’t heard of before, at my friends’ insistence. And I was selected. The company was exchange4media, and little did I know then what a rollercoaster ride it would turn out to be.

May 21, 2012 was the day when I stepped into my reporter’s shoes at exchange4media and I have already travelled to areas in advertising, marketing and media that not many get to travel. And yet there is so much to learn, to see, to discover, to report on… I have just about touched the tip of our domain iceberg.

Every organisation thrives on a great team, and I couldn’t have asked for better seniors and colleagues to work with. My boss is one of my closest friends and a guide who has shared with me so much information about this industry and walked me through the company’s expectations. My Chairman is a bundle of energy, and with every interaction with him I get some fresh perspective about this industry. From him I have learnt how important it is to build and nurture contacts.

In roughly the three months that I have been here, I’ve got the chance to cover three major events – Pitch CMO Summit, AIM Magazine Congress and EEMAGINE 2012, the annual conference of EEMA.

The Pitch CMO Summit session covered wide ranging topics, where I learnt how marketers are considering digital as the way forward; the winning mantras of marketers; how new age consumers are not shying from spending; creating a successful brand, and so on.

Covering the AIM Magazine Congress gave a great boost to my confidence as a reporter since I was entrusted with the responsibility to cover to entire event singlehandedly. The interactions with the various speakers and other industry leaders at each of these events have enriched my view of the advertising, marketing and media industry.

As per my mentor’s advice, I will always keep asking “what’s new” and “so what”…

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