Others Remembering Atul Maheshwari

Remembering Atul Maheshwari

Author | Rajiv Singh | Thursday, Jan 06,2011 7:53 AM

Remembering Atul Maheshwari

My friend philosopher and guide departed today (January 3, 2011). I feel cheated, for he had no reason to walk out on me. Not at this stage, or matter of fact, any stage.

Three decades in media is a long journey. As I look back in time to one whom we all fondly referred to as ‘Bhaisaheb’, it is hard to comprehend – Atul Maheshwari is no more. His simple learnings and clarity of thought have left an indelible mark on the life of every person that he came in contact with during his illustrious years at Amar Ujala.

It is difficult to explain the loss.

On this black day, thoughts go back to the simple man whom I met for the first time in Amar Ujala, Meerut (1993), and his comment at that time was, “Chotey group hain hum Rajiv, par khawab bahut badey hain (We are a small group Rajiv, but our dreams are very big”. The dreams since then are all best fulfilled and his inspiration and principals would continue to guide the vast family of Amar Ujala and all his near and dear ones.

“Strive hard to maximise profits, increase market shares by offering the best choices, but do it by adding value”, were his defining marketing mantra that he imbibed in us. In days when no holds barred cutthroat business ethics formed the edifice for growth, he would maintain his own view: “Respect your consumer and your business will respect you”.

These philosophies were honed from a hard school of learning while studying and analysing core readers and consumers directly. A forte that remained a strong connect and hallmark of Amar Ujala, making it the preferred choice of more than a million readers in the Indian heartland.

Bhaisaheb, you will forever be our guide and friend, and I know you will always monitor each step we take. For once, you may not have a prompt reply to my very poignant query: Why did you desert us?

Do bless us always.

May God be with you and all those who care for you and your vast Amar Ujala family.

May your soul rest in peace.

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