Others Red Bull energy drink awards Rs 7-8-cr media duty to Starcom

Red Bull energy drink awards Rs 7-8-cr media duty to Starcom

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Thursday, Nov 04,2004 7:37 AM

Red Bull energy drink awards Rs 7-8-cr media duty to Starcom

A prominent player in the energy drink category, Red Bull has perceived that it was time it should increase penetration and make some noise with the Indian consumer. Subsequently, the brand has hired Starcom as media partner. Industry sources peg the account at Rs 7–8-crore.

The account is awarded to the agency on the basis of the work that Starcom has done for Red Bull in the international markets. While in the regions like Dubai and Thailand, there are multiple agencies catering to the account, in India, the responsibilities lie only with Starcom. This action means the first ever exposure of Red Bull on mass media in India.

Sharing more on the win, Manish Porwal, General Manager (New Business Initiatives) Starcom, expresses, “Like all Starcom clients, Red Bull is special in its own way. It’s exciting to know that the brand is going to create a significant challenge for us.”

Red Bull stands for the category itself. However, a challenge for the agency perhaps comes in the fact that the brand is very choosy in the way it operates; for instance, the brand has known to show an inclination towards TV and not print.

What does the client mean to the current Starcom portfolio? Porwal replies, “The brand has done extremely well and has created huge equity for itself with very little advertising and lots of attitude. The expectation from the communication would be to put the brand in a much higher orbit. We believe, the brand needs a little exposure but far more engagement with the consumer. We are looking forward to be the brand stewards of Red Bull in India.”

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