Others PROMAX&BDA 2004 Evening: Designs and challenges

PROMAX&BDA 2004 Evening: Designs and challenges

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Tuesday, Jul 20,2004 7:44 AM

PROMAX&BDA 2004 Evening: Designs and challenges

The evening session showcased the final presentations of the day. While the evening began with a presentation on designer promos, the second half threw up an interesting challenge by Sony Entertainment Television.

Jeff Rustia presented factors of promotion what the key ingredients that qualify for effective designer promos.

For him the logic was simple: idea plus visuals. He said that absolutely anything, whether it’s a newspaper cutting, drawing or any such visual, it could be used to make designer promos. With the right copyright, designer promos can make all the difference to the viewer, irrespective of the subject it is handling. The points that a designer of such promos should delve into, according to Rustia, are colour, layout, composition and contrasts.

Rustia laid out 11 rules, saying that the 12th one meant only to break them. He said, “Many good ads are the ones that have largely broken the rules. But to break the rules you have to understand them first. Strict followers never attain breakthroughs.”

The second half was dedicated to the India Promo Challenge and the SET student challenge. The Promo Challenge was won by Delhi-based Metamorphosis. In competition were Zee Telefilms, Star News and SS Music. The challenge included creating a promo out of a fake episode of a reality show Reel Life that Promax had put together. The teams had 48 hours to do the needful. Participants had to bear in mind the fact that the show would air on fake channel, The Crime Channel tonight and that its target audience was in the 18-34-year-old bracket.

The second challenge, Set Student Challenge included four colleges, who had to create a promo out of shots from Sony programmes. The contestants had five days to put the promo together. The contest was won by Mumbai’s RD National College.

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