Others Prabhat Khabar continues its unbiased appraisals releases two studies on Jharkhand

Prabhat Khabar continues its unbiased appraisals releases two studies on Jharkhand

Author | exchange4media News Service | Thursday, Nov 24,2005 8:40 AM

Prabhat Khabar continues its unbiased appraisals releases two studies on Jharkhand

Prabhat Khabar has been maintaining a tradition of making independent and unbiased appraisal on governance and social audit in Jharkhand ever since it was formed as a separate state in November 2000. This year, too, besides carrying out the findings in its publication on Jharkhand Foundation Day, Prabhat Khabar has also released two studies –Jharkhand Development Report 2006, and State of Governance: Jharkhand Citizen Handbook 2006 in English through paperback editions.

Prabhat Khabar got nationally acclaimed research body, Indicus Analytics Delhi, to carry out the Jharkhand Development Report 2006. The study aims at analysing the performance of the government with respect to the provision of basic governance.

The study was conducted with the objective of highlighting the socio economic progress and opportunities in the state of Jharkhand. The Hindi excerpts of this report have also been published in Prabhat Khabar’s special issue.

Prabhat Khabar has been publishing the Jharkhand Development Report every November 15 for the past five years so that the issues of clean politics, honesty, transparency and development can become topics of debate in the social mainstream.

The focus of the study was to find where Jharkhand stood amongst newly formed states of Uttaranchal and Chhatisgarh. How was it placed on development vis-a-vis the neighbouring states of West Bengal, Bihar and Orissa? The study also indicates the state’s position vis-a-vis industrially developed states of Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu on one hand and also the agriculturally progressive states like Punjab on the other.

Commenting on the Jharkhand Development Report 2006, Harivansh, Chief Editor, Prabhat Khabar, said, “The objective of this study was to make Jharkhand’s status vis-a- vis an evolving world, a matter of public debate. The objective of this extensive study was to bring the issues of development and governance into the public domain for intense discussions. Jharkhand Development Report 2006 is a result of that extensive study.”

On the other hand, the State of Governance: Jharkhand Citizen Handbook- 2006 is a new research initiative by Prabhat Khabar. This extensive appraisal report prepared by Centre of Civil Society, Delhi, is a first year attempt to analyze in detail the programs, budgets, personnel and achievements of important ministries, departments and agencies of the government in Jharkhand.

This citizen Handbook is very effective tool of collating information and data, analyzing them, and setting benchmarks for future improvements. This is modeled on Delhi Citizen Handbook, 2003, released by the CCS, Delhi.

The two research products will be released in Ranchi to the people today on Jharkhand formation day.

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