Others Please have a change of heart and help me in 2010! – Judy Franko

Please have a change of heart and help me in 2010! – Judy Franko

Author | Judy Franko | Friday, Jan 01,2010 9:02 AM

Please have a change of heart and help me in 2010! – Judy Franko

‘Any phenomenon, period, or experience of persistent or violent ups and downs, as one fluctuating between prosperity and recession or elation and despair’ – that’s how describes the meaning of ‘Roller Coaster’. And that is exactly how my journey has been with e4m for the last four years.

Ups and downs, highs and lows have become part and parcel of life in e4m. There were times when I was all charged up, raring to go, and there were also times when I felt let down. There were days when I had umpteen things to do and there were also dry spells. And all I did was sing Hallelujah and Hosanna, asking God not to let me go down.

Covering the marketing, media and advertising domain for the past three years or so has been an enriching experience. As the only correspondent of e4m based in Chennai, I consider myself lucky as I often get the opportunity to interact with people in media, advertising and marketing unlike my colleagues in other cities, who are often assigned beats.

Having said that, I would like to also state the disadvantages of being based in Chennai. I hardly get the opportunity to interact with big shots of advertising and media as most of them are based either in Mumbai or Delhi. But I am happy about whatever little I am doing. In the year 2010, I would like to do more reports on the success stories of small and medium agencies.

The year 2009 has particularly been a bad year with global depression and its impact on the Indian economy, and I look forward to brighter and prosperous 2010 like everyone else. I wish at least in 2010, people go ahead with their launches and expansion plans which were put on hold in 2009 because of global recession, so that I may have more things to write about. Of late, a lot of national players have understood the potential of the regional markets and are expanding their footprints across markets. Though the expansion plans of several of them came to a grinding halt or put on backburner because of global recession, I hope things would be much better in 2010.

Among the radio stations based in Chennai, I really appreciate Chennai Live, which stuck to its format (only English music station). Among television channels, Sun still continues to shine despite tough competition from Kalaignar TV and others down South. Among newspapers, The Hindu continues to rule. The ‘Always Classic, Always Contemporary’, paper has consistently reinvented itself in order to stay relevant.

I take this opportunity to thank all those who supported me and helped me to meet my deadlines, gave me quotes on time. And a special thanks to all my sources. I would be more than happy to mention their names of sources, but of course I can’t for obvious reasons. And those who did not support me by not giving quotes, not reverting to my questionnaire, procrastinating reply, please have change of heart and help me in 2010 at least!

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