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Others Planman Consulting and ICMR rate India’s most valuable brands

Planman Consulting and ICMR rate India’s most valuable brands

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Tuesday, Jul 25,2006 6:54 AM

Planman Consulting and ICMR rate India’s most valuable brands

It seems to be a season for rating brands under different heads. First there were India’s Superbrands, then came the Awaaz Consumers Most preferred brands, now it is the turn of Planman Consulting and Indian Council of Market Research (ICMR), which recently conducted a research to find out India’s 100 most valuable brands.

The Top 10 brands in the list include the ‘usual names’ – Maruti, which had an overall brand score of 23.996; Airtel with a score of 23.844; Nokia with score of 23.465; Infosys with a score of 23.438; Microsoft with a score of 23.341; Wipro with a score of 23.262; Hero Honda with a score of 23.187; Tata that scored 22.994; Colgate with a score of 22.880; and Intel, which scored 22.736.

The exercise, which took six months, was divided into two phases. The ICMR team, led by Shivalee Kaushik, Pritha Dutta Chowdhury, Monica Nehru and Shaswata Ganguly, worked in close coordination with the 4Ps Business & Marketing editorial team. The first phase of research was launched on preparing a list of categories and sectors that significantly affect consumer purchase decisions.

This was followed by listing brands under discrete heads, based on the growth of respective companies under each category/sector. This final list of a collective 852 out of approximately 30,000 brands under various heads was compiled after analysing growth data from company websites and various organisations. The study only considered brands that had been in the market for at least one year.

Phase I comprised a comprehensive list of 43 broad categories such as automobiles, airlines, banks, IT companies, FMCGs, consumer durables, lifestyle, retail stores, beverages, entertainment, etc., as well as 36 sub-categories.

The team then developed a structured questionnaire for conducting in-depth interviews, which were subsequently circulated in five cities – Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Chennai – and responses were collected from about 500 key respondents.

On significance and factor analysis of the responses, the ICMR team shortlisted a list of top 200 brands across product categories.

Phase II comprised tabulating the top 200 brands. Another structured questionnaire was circulated, this time in eight cities – Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Pune and Chennai – and in-depth interviews were carried out with 4,000 respondents. In this phase, parameters included Brand Image and Perception, Brand Loyalty, Brand Awareness and Brand Association.

In addition, the scores for Brand Performance were given by the ICMR team and economists at Planman Consulting on the basis of quantitative and economic value added analysis of brands in their area of operation and target markets, respectively; respect from competitors, overall marketing initiatives, sales and profit performance, market share in the concerned industry, industry goodwill and performance in the last one year.

To avoid any bias, the order of the brands was changed for each of the cities. The field researchers divided each city into four zones – North, South, East and West – to ensure a significantly large and homogenous coverage of the city in terms of the target audience.

The respondents covered were divided based on SEC classifications (education, occupation and gender). In case of respondents such as housewives, students or dependent parents, the monthly income of the chief wage earner has been taken into account.

Some other brands that made it as India’s 100 Most Valuable Brands included Coke, Surf Excel, Bajaj, STAR Network, Times of India, Pepsi, Lux, Raymond, NDTV, SBI, Dettol, Dabur, LIC, Sony Entertainment, Amul and Parle, among others.

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