Others Ozone Ayurvedics changes mind. Shifts 15 cr AOR to Madison Media

Ozone Ayurvedics changes mind. Shifts 15 cr AOR to Madison Media

Author | Neha Pant | Friday, Oct 04,2002 7:31 AM

Ozone Ayurvedics changes mind. Shifts 15 cr AOR to Madison Media

Only after a month of moving its account from Zenith Media to Rediff’s Total Media, Ozone Ayurvedics has once again shifted the Rs 15 crore media account of its three brands - Nomark, Kwik and ITIS to Madison Media.

The development was confirmed by both, Rajinder Prasad, GM - Media, Events and PR at Ozone Ayurvedics and CVL Srinivas, COO, North & South, Madison Media. “With effect from 1st October, we have shifted the complete media account of Ozone Ayurvedics’ three brands from Total Media to Madison,” Says Prasad.

Madison Media has every reason to cheer up with this win. “We are Delighted to have got the opportunity to work on Ozone Ayurvedics. Ozone Ayurvedics is into a category, which is seeing a lot of action and it is great to be part of all these actions.” He further added, “We are confident that Madison Media will give Ozone Ayurvedics the necessary edge to come out on the top in this category.”

As reported earlier by exchange4media on August 30, 2002, the media account was awarded to Total Media since the creative duties were with its elder sibling Rediffusion.

But then what made Ozone take this step in just a short span of 30 days?

“I think things were not working the way Ozone had expected and that could have been the reason that they called for a pitch for the media account,” adds Srinivas. Several large media agencies had pitched for this business.

So what made the swing in favour of Madison Media?

“According to me, they have awarded the account to us keeping in mind the pitch presentation made by us, our ground strengths in Delhi, the kind of media tools that we demonstrated in the presentation and maybe they also considered our client portfolio!” states satisfied Srinivas.

Incidentally, Madison Bangalore has also won two more accounts namely, Nissan’s Top Ramen and IFB Appliances. The account size of these wins, including Ozone Ayurvedics, sums up to around Rs. 25 crores.

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