Others OutThere Adventurers launches OTA Survival School

OutThere Adventurers launches OTA Survival School

Author | exchange4media News Service | Thursday, Jun 02,2011 8:28 AM

OutThere Adventurers launches OTA Survival School

With more and more individuals and corporates heading into the wild outdoors looking for adventure and to get a taste of Nature, there is an urgent need to prepare for exigencies that might occur. Dealing with sprained ankles, treating insect bites, how to tell if a snake is venomous or not, how to rig up a shelter, the importance of sleep, telling which way is North, how to purify water, managing a broken limb, are all important elements that one needs to learn before heading off into areas that are alien from the sheltered, everyday existence of city life.

Realising this need and celebrating ten years of being in the business of promoting adventure travel and exploration, OutThere Adventurers has announced the launch of the OTA Survival School. According to adventurer Chandan Lahiri, “There are so many people venturing into the outdoors these days that we felt it necessary to prepare them for the possibility of getting into a survival situation. It does not always happen to ‘other people’, it could happen to you and me. We hope that the Survival School will be able to inculcate the importance of being prepared for any eventuality.”

In fact, the guiding principles of the OTA Survival School are the seven Ps of wilderness survival – Proper Planning, Preparation and Practice Prevents Possible Problems.

As a prequel to the formal launch of the School, a full length film is also being produced. Entirely interactive and navigable, it comprises a host of information on all things related to wilderness survival, dealing extensively with the eight essentials – Attitude, Shelter, Water, Food, Fire, Signalling, Navigation and First Aid. The three hour long film is packed with information from the point of view of the part-time, weekend adventurer. There is also a section that deals with Car Camping for all those people who drive out for a holiday and camp for the weekend. According to Chandan, the car is an essential survival tool and needs to be prepared to serve as a very large survival kit.

A booklet comes free with each DVD. A booklet that is a ready reckoner of the information contained in the DVD. It is pocket-sized and can be easily carried before you head into the outdoors.

The OTA Survival School will conduct three courses – a day course, a weekend course and a seven day course, each more detailed and tougher than the other. At the end of the courses the participants will come out stronger, more confident, able to live without the creature comforts of ‘civilised’ life, ready to take on greater challenges.

“Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, they learn to deal with stress, are better equipped to handle unforeseen situations, can think faster on their feet, and become better leaders. These are qualities that though developed in a wilderness situation hold them in good stead throughout their life - at work and at home,” adds Chandan.

The enrolment for the courses is likely to commence in a couple of weeks, while the film is expected to be launched by the end of this month. To know more about the OTA Survival School, send a mail to TheBaseCamp@OutThere-Adventurers.com.

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