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Others New marketing indices to help urban marketers: RK Swamy BBDO

New marketing indices to help urban marketers: RK Swamy BBDO

Author | Ranjana Gupta | Tuesday, Mar 23,2004 6:36 AM

New marketing indices to help urban marketers: RK Swamy BBDO

Identifying the primary areas for marketing products like, a new small car, toothpaste, pesticides, refrigerators, fitness equipment, immunisation products etc has always been an uphill-task for marketers.

However, there comes a solution to all these issues as RK Swamy BBDO comes up with ‘Guide to Urban Markets’ – a well-researched volume for urban marketers. Priced at Rs 29,700, the book throws up analysis on multiple facets of purchasing power at town level.

Discussing on the book with, Gauri Arun, Manager – Media Development, says, the marketing guide has been especially developed for marketers of all goods and services. “The ‘How to use the guide’ booklet offers hordes of examples of easy application of the book in real-life sales, marketing and business situations,” she adds.

Further, highlighting the unique features of the guide, she says, the purchasing power potential of all 784 towns in the country, each with a population of 50,000 or more, has been brought into calculation.

The aggregate purchasing power is a special measure called Market Potential Value. The guide gives the quality of the market through another measure called Market Intensity Index. A third index has also been introduced, called Media Exposure Index, which gives the relative coverage of the towns by mass media, she explains.

According to Arun, the market response to the guide, so far has been very good. “In a few months, it would be a mandatory functioning tool for all marketers,” she observes.

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