Others New age women consumer committed, bold and balanced: IMRI study

New age women consumer committed, bold and balanced: IMRI study

Author | exchange4media News Service | Monday, Jul 22,2002 7:36 AM

New age women consumer committed, bold and balanced: IMRI study

According a recent study conducted by Indian Market Research Institute of India (IMRI), new age women consumer stand for convictions they hold for themselves. Instead of striking a compromise with others in the face of opposition, they win the approval of one and all with whom they are bonded.

For the marketers these are words of caution since it is about having a cultural saliency with the target consumer. According to the institute a prominent coffee ad that weaves the tale of a lanky girl in her mid-20s earning the confidence of her father to marry her beau becomes a more culturally-aligned message to a certain extent.

On the contrary, the paints ad where the parents lure the girl with painted walls so that she refrains from uniting with the man of her choice is a departure from the contemporary profile of this Indian women, according to the Institute.

Outside the domain of marriage too, the study comes up with certain prescriptions on consumer connect. Take the role of a mother or a daughter for instance. As a mother, she can persuade her children to make the right choice, rather than physically impose a stricture and later feel repentant about it. And as a daughter she can make herself an indispensable part of the household rather than make the family experience a void for not having a male member.

As for her role as a wife, the study elaborates that she may participate in her spouse’s dilemmas and career moves, but may not necessarily want him to be a servile homemaker. Her perception about her husband is a man who seeks consensus yet is not hen-pecked.

This trend of ‘feminism with balance’ is what the study seems to point out in its completeness. According to the source, everything they do comes with a certain measure of flexibility. But that does not in any way mean that they can be influenced, specially when it comes to matters of feminine individuality.

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