Others MRUC, Hansa Research launch ‘Guide to Indian Markets’

MRUC, Hansa Research launch ‘Guide to Indian Markets’

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Monday, Apr 10,2006 6:36 AM

MRUC, Hansa Research launch ‘Guide to Indian Markets’

Based on the findings of Indian Readership Survey (IRS), Media Research User’s Council (MRUC) and Hansa Research have launched ‘Guide to Indian Markets 2006’ to provide insights on Indian consumers and markets. MRUC officials express that even as this is the first year, the guide can be an annual initiative.

In addition to more information on IRS methodology, scope and validity, the guide speaks on various other subjects like Rural Consumers, Brand Trends, Demographics, Media, Durable Hierarchy, i-LAP, Corporate Franchise and Market Panorama (FMCG and Durable). MRUC believes there could be aspects about the Indian media landscape that marketers would be interested in and not necessarily know.

Some instances come in findings like Tamil Nadu being the biggest hub for local regional brands; the fact that eight out of 10 households in India use at least one brand of an FMCG behemoth; that rural Orissa has shown the highest growth in product consumption in the last five years; or that in 90 per cent of products, the number one brand has remained the same in the last five years.

What are these facts based on? MRUC’s Sabina Solomon replied, “The facts in the Guide are based on IRS and we have used two periods of 2001 and 2005 for the trends.” Speaking on what led to the idea to release such a guide, she said, “We are sitting on a data mine and the thought has been there for a while now. More importantly, no such omnibus is available in the market.”

Solomon believes that there are various advantages that the guide presents. She said, “Besides providing a bird’s eye view, it is a reference guide and, therefore, of use right from a brand manager, planner, sales executive to even the CEOs. It cuts across streams from media, marketing, advertising to business consultancies, embassies, trade association and international trade bodies.”

Some of the highlights of the guide are it comprises data on key market parameters like consumption, corporate and brand performance, consumerism and distribution. It also has data on the growth in the Indian market from 2000 to 2005. The coverage spans the national, zonal and state levels – across urban and rural India – for more than 50 categories and 100 brands among other things. The guide is available on subscription through MRUC and Hansa Research.

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