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Others Moser Baer enters home video market; to sell movie VCDs and DVDs at Rs 28 and Rs 34

Moser Baer enters home video market; to sell movie VCDs and DVDs at Rs 28 and Rs 34

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Friday, Dec 22,2006 9:03 AM

Moser Baer enters home video market; to sell movie VCDs and DVDs at Rs 28 and Rs 34

This news sure is going to gladden the hearts of all movie lovers. Optical disc manufacturer Moser Baer has ventured into the home video market and in a bid to combat piracy, has priced film VCDs and DVDs rates as low as Rs 28 and Rs 34, respectively.

The company aims to be the largest title owner in India by acquiring nearly one-third of all movies, including regional language movies, produced in the country.

Speaking at the launch of its Entertainment Business division, of Moser Baer’s CEO – Entertainment, Harish Dayani, said, “Home video hardware penetration is just 26 per cent now, but is poised for growth with falling hardware prices. While home entertainment is a key revenue driver in the international markets, India is way behind as the availability of titles is a problem. As the movie industry is dispersed across the country, there is no single company to bind all these together and provide them on a single platform. We have arrived at a vision to provide quality products at affordable prices and at places near to the consumers.”

Explaining the marketing plans for this new initiative, Dayani said, “We want to be as close to the consumer as possible, so we will try and make sure that we are available in almost any shop in the market, just like an FMCG product. For this, we will be adopting a strategy similar to an FMCG, like having glow-signs and banners in shops, providing free accessories with bulk purchases, and providing a money-back guarantee for the discs.”

“With the patented and proprietary technology with us, we are able to provide the customer great quality at such affordable prices,” explained Ratul Puri, Executive Director, Moser Baer India. Puri also announced the company’s plans to have exclusive rights of almost 40 per cent titles produced in the country in all Indian languages by the end of FY07. They also have plans to raise this to 50 per cent by FY08. According to Puri, “Moser Baer is planning to invest close to Rs 400-500 crore for content creation and acquisition.”

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