Others Media cos to survive on creative intelligence: IBM

Media cos to survive on creative intelligence: IBM

Author | exchange4media News Service | Wednesday, Mar 30,2005 7:48 AM

Media cos to survive on creative intelligence: IBM

Media companies will have to move to a truly open environment allowing consumers access to protected media content by 2010, IBM Business Consulting Services (BCS) said in its report, Media & Entertainment 2010.

According to the report, the landscape of the media and entertainment industry will change dramatically by 2010.

Companies in the new environment will allow customers access to information on their own terms. This includes the ability to purchase and download the rights to a book, or other media and have it configured for one or more types of devices, or delivered immediately in traditional hard or soft cover. ``Consumers will be offered extensions to the initial media offerings, with the ability to order the film of the book, the soundtrack or only one song, the liner notes or a single quotation to use in a variety of formats, from a term paper to a wall poster,'' the study said.

By 2010, media companies will survive not just on creative content but on creative intelligence, about customers, markets, and the value of digital assets.

Conglomerates, traditional studios and publishers will open up their inventories, putting old and new digitised content online in various forms for variable fees. The same song, movie, or other media will cost more, or less, depending on complex variables such as age, sales tracking, or even the rarity of archival content.

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