Others Lintas Media Group and Aaren Initiative mark IPL season as ‘cricket Kumbh Mela’

Lintas Media Group and Aaren Initiative mark IPL season as ‘cricket Kumbh Mela’

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Saturday, May 23,2009 9:25 AM

Lintas Media Group and Aaren Initiative mark IPL season as ‘cricket Kumbh Mela’

The IPL season is undeniably one of the largest cricketing events and is rightly termed as ‘the Kumbh of Cricket’. Taking into consideration the out of home viewership estimates of IPL 2009, Lintas Media Group (LMG), in conjunction with their OOH media company Aaren Initiative, has conducted a daily survey across 15 cities to assess there number of people who watched IPL on screen outside their homes. According to the analysis, the office is the most viewed location, followed by restaurants.

With office viewing dominating this segment, 34 per cent of the viewers in the 20-plus age groups report out-of-home viewing, which is much lower at 19 per cent for 12-20 years old. However, the OOH viewership understandably drops drastically on weekends. But despite IPL being played at South Africa, there is enormous buzz about the event and out-of-home are more active this year.

On the analysis of if IPL 2009 has delivered value for money to television advertisers, the response is a mixed one. Compared to IPL 2008 data, this year in the first 20 days, scores 15 per cent more with 81 million viewers. Also, the average reach of the match has increased from 11 per cent to 11.9 per cent. However, the time spent scores have dropped by 8.5 per cent, resulting in a TVR fall for the 8 pm matches on both weekdays and weekends and a slight TVR rise for the 4 pm matches on weekends.

A further analysis reports indicate no real difference in performance across the two IPLs by city. However, there is a definite positive swing in viewership in a city when the home team is playing. LMG transformed this swing into a ‘Passion’ score. Bangalore has the highest passion score of 85 per cent when Royal Challengers are playing; followed by Chennai at 68 per cent; Mumbai at 46 per cent; Delhi at 35 per cent and Kolkata at 34 per cent, while Hyderabad and Punjab are low at 11 per cent and 9 per cent, respectively.

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