Others Kodak clicks with another media innovation

Kodak clicks with another media innovation

Author | exchange4media News Service | Friday, Jul 26,2002 7:42 AM

Kodak clicks with another media innovation

The brand objective was to position the trendy, yet affordable Rs.1295 Kodak KZ 25, as the 'Personal Camera'. And the media objective was to create a buzz and excitement amongst one of the key target groups of the brand - the 'Youth'; it was also to merge with it, the brand proposition of 'The Automatic Choice'. Keeping these in mind, Kodak and Mindshare came up with the idea of using a contest to position the new brand Kodak KZ 25.

The task was assigned to MTV and the teen icon- Nikhil Chinappa. And the Media Execution included a special contest with MTV: 'Kodak & MTV Automatic Choice Contest '

The contest was tied with one of the existing daily hit shows on the channel called 'MTV Select' hosted by Chinappa. Five songs every week were secretly chosen by Chinappa as the 'Automatic Choice' of the week and any caller who requested for any of these secret songs, won a Kodak KZ 25 camera free.

According to a senior Mindshare spokesperson, the six week long promotion resulted in overwhelming awareness and response from the audience, so much so that the brand proposition of the 'Automatic Choice' almost became synergistic with the brand.

According to Kodak, there were instances where even before the contest was announced, the caller would ask whether he has chosen one of the 'Automatic Choice' songs and whether he is entitled to a Kodak camera

Not long back, Kodak made another innovation in media when it launched its 'Kodak Moment' campaign on JIKNH. Kodak found a perfect sync with family unions of celebrities happening on the show every week. On interesting 'photo ops' on the show, the screen freezes; a few photo earmarks appear which are then 'clicked' like a camera with a super - 'Kodak Moments'.

Comments our Mindshare spokesperson, "The big idea here was to make the audience see, feel and experience the brand essence of Kodak-'Share Moments, Share Life' live, week after week. The platform we chose was an Autobiographical Program featuring celebrities. Our target group was a much wider one, since this was the umbrella brand 'Kodak' being promoted.

Kodak seems to be going the unconventional way to achieve salience and build unique media property!

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