Others Is SMS the new real time TRP tool for media owners?

Is SMS the new real time TRP tool for media owners?

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Monday, Jan 30,2006 7:55 AM

Is SMS the new real time TRP tool for media owners?

What are the tools available for a media owner who wants to track channel viewerships to know what is working and what isn’t? Frankly not much other than the TRP data published days after a programme goes on air. Wouldn’t it be great if media owners could have their own real time TRP tool?

To address this problem, ActiveMedia Technology has been providing mobile services to channels like Aaj Tak, Headlines Today, MTV India, Ten Sports, Janmat, Jaya TV, Total TV, Doordarshan, CNBC-TV18, Sony Television, Discovery Channel and Sab TV.

These channels have seen an amazing correlation between real time SMS response levels and TRP data published days later. In fact, they can now even predict with surprising accuracy their own TRPs as soon as a programme is aired. No need to wait for published data to tell you if you have a hit or flop in your hands.

ActiveMedia Technology, Co-founder and Executive Director, Raj Singh, explained, “Some of the must have features of a good TRP tool include a large installed base (sample size to be accurate), representative distribution (match media distribution), record ‘real’ viewship (not just channel surfers), capture geographic/time data (support data mining insights), fast processing and collation (quickly show what’s working), and cost effective (getting market data shouldn’t cost an arm and leg).”

“Do media owners really have such a tool available today? The interactive device that’s sitting in the hands over 70 million Indians is pretty interesting. Media owners just need to get viewers to start SMSing to get it to work. SMS against our TRP tool ‘must have’ features are that 100 million Indians with posses a mobile phone by 2006. Mobile penetration is not just in top metros, its everywhere. To send an SMS a viewer must actually have watched your channel long enough to respond. The time and location (top four metros, or state) is recorded for every SMS. It is possible within seconds to see the SMS response to anything flashed on the channel. The viewer pays to send the SMS to the channel,” added Singh.

So, is SMS the new real time TRP tool for media owners? Well it definitely is worth a serious look. With ActiveMedia Teachnology, media companies are tracking their shows before the TAM data comes out.

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