Others IPL is another name for innovation

IPL is another name for innovation

Author | Robin Thomas | Monday, May 18,2009 8:59 AM

IPL is another name for innovation

The second edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) has seen the introduction of several innovative initiatives to keep viewers engaged with the tournament, be it contests, computer and mobile games or various promotional activities. exchange4media takes a look at some of these initiatives.

6UP, a SMS-based game, was recently made available only to Indian mobile subscribers, where fans were asked to predict the scores of a live match. Winners would get cash rewards for correct predictions. However, the game landed in controversy soon after its launch. IPL2 has also seen the introduction of ‘Strategy Breaks’, which has also led to a lot of debates, with many even labeling it as ‘commercial break’.

Mig33, a social networking platform accessible via both computer and mobile phone, seeks to engage its members with real-time chats with players from the five DLF IPL teams – Kings XI Punjab, Delhi Daredevils, Royal Challengers, Deccan Chargers and Chennai Super Kings.

In a prepared statement, Steve Boom, CEO, Mig33, said, “Cricket is a social activity, and the mobile phone provides the ideal platform for fans globally to engage directly with one another, as well as chat with their cricket heroes.”

Kunal Jamuar, General Manager, Madison Media, observed, “In terms of innovation, first of all the IPL content is of very high interest. There are enough short breaks to hold the consumer attention, and at the same time, it gives you scope for advertising in some form, therefore, in all senses IPL serves as a good case study for innovation.”

He further said, “I believe all innovations that add to the level are welcome, and hopefully they should be done, but if it is leading to disturbance among consumers, then they should be a little careful about that. Mobile is way above in terms of interactivity, nevertheless the largest bet would be television, because of the money spent – at the end of the day, it is far more expensive than the Internet. Therefore, in Season 3, too, television would maintain its dominance. However, I also like to believe that mobile should see an increased usage in Season 3, especially with 3G rollout, which should make it even better.”

IPL Season 2 has been seeing some form of innovation and that, too, at a higher rate, especially as the tournament progressed. Since the game is being held outside the country, almost every medium and every brand is aiming at connecting their consumers with the game or their team or even the player, and by Season 3, IPL is set to see further innovations, especially in the mobile platform.

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