Others India provides huge opportunity, says Nasreen Madhany, CEO, mOne

India provides huge opportunity, says Nasreen Madhany, CEO, mOne

Author | Anushree Madan Mohan | Tuesday, Feb 08,2005 7:50 AM

India provides huge opportunity, says Nasreen Madhany, CEO, mOne

mOne, which has developed a cross-media capability to measure digital media's role, has set up its operations in India under Tushar Vyas. Nasreen Madhany, CEO, mOne Worldwide, said, "mOne will continue efforts to move Internet media into the overall media planning equation, pair more clients with emerging technology trials, and focus on growing its search marketing and multimedia direct response businesses. It is our intention to take some of the successes from the US market and transport and integrate them with the mOne offerings in other parts of the world. In that context, India provides many opportunities. Though internet has entered as a medium, it is still lacking in terms of adoption and application. The market is fragmented to a good extent. Digital marketing ought to grow by at least 20 per cent worldwide. India would of course be one of the main beneficiaries."

Madhany adds, "Global integration is something that we would be pushing through Vyas and his team in India. As a network, we are privileged to bring some of the best marketing practices of the world to the country. Sophistication in marketing via digital channels is our contribution since we have sufficient expertise in global markets."

mOne is providing media services in the one-to-one area including direct marketing, DRTV, interactive TV, email marketing, online advertising, and all forms of new media, including broadband and other emerging technologies. It owns tools such as OgivlyOne's Customer OwnershipTM - a proprietary approach to CRM, which gives clients crucial insights about a brand's customers, company and market.

Ruth Stubbs, CEO, mOne Asia Pacific, says, "We understand that it's not a case of apples versus apples. Vyas is well supported with a global network, shared resources and extensive case studies (market by market) but it has to recognise opportunities which are distinct to India and which are in sync with the local climate here. For instance, Vyas has identified a number of Indian companies, which are trying to expand themselves overseas and are looking for a digital partner, which can provide support, best in class and equivalent to the global standards. That's where we step in."

The company also has ROI measurement tools such as mEuclid, mDaypart, mOptimum, mScheduler etc which would also be applied to clients here.

With 45 offices in 30 countries, mOne boasts a bevy of blue-chip clients that include Ameritrade, Cisco Systems, IBM Corp and Unilever.

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