Others India among Top 10 optimistic countries of the world: TNS-Gallup poll

India among Top 10 optimistic countries of the world: TNS-Gallup poll

Author | exchange4media News Service | Thursday, Jan 03,2008 6:37 AM

India among Top 10 optimistic countries of the world: TNS-Gallup poll

Indians look forward to more ‘Om’, ‘shanti’ and ‘khushi’ in 2008. According to a new survey conducted by global market insight and information company TNS and Gallup International, 51 per cent of Indians feel that 2008 would be better than 2007. This makes India the eighth optimistic countries of the world.

The survey, which covered more than 50,000 people in 54 countries around the world, found that 33 per cent of people globally and 32 per cent in Asia-Pacific felt positive about 2008.

However, overall the survey highlighted a gloomier outlook for 2008 than seen in previous years – 34 per cent people see economic difficulties while 50 per cent predicted an increase in unemployment in the Asia-Pacific region. This outnumbers those feeling positively on economic prosperity (22 per cent) and an improvement in unemployment levels (19 per cent).

In India, 63 per cent believe 2008 will see a rise in the number of unemployed – much higher than the 22 per cent holding out for an improvement in the country’s jobless rate. Quite contrary is the prediction by 45 per cent of Indians that 2008 would be economically prosperous as compared with 25 per cent who foresee difficulty.

Despite this increased pessimism, the Asia-Pacific region is still more upbeat than most and once again is home to nearly half of the world’s Top 10 most optimistic countries when it comes to outlook for 2008, according to the survey.

Respondents in the survey were also asked about prospects for international peace – whether they thought 2008 would be a peaceful year or a troubled year with much international dispute. Although nearly three times as many people around the region see trouble ahead, which is 32 per cent, than peace which amounts to 12 per cent, the prevailing opinion is that the coming 12 months would be no different than the last 12 and amounts to 41 per cent.

“Furthermore, despite any apparent pessimism surrounding the issue of unemployment, it does bode well that people have a strong sense of job security (67 per cent in India), as this is obviously influential in terms of future productivity,” said Gautam Nath, Executive Vice President, TNS India.

The Top 10 most optimistic countries in the world that said that 2008 would be better than 2007 are Hong Kong (71 per cent), Kosovo (UN Administered – 68 per cent), Colombia (66 per cent), New Zealand (57 per cent), Venezuela (53 per cent), Australia (53 per cent), Sweden (51 per cent), India (51 per cent), Canada (50 per cent), and Argentina (49 per cent).

The Gallup International (GIA) End of Year Poll measures world opinion on economic prosperity for 2008. Conducted in 54 countries, fieldwork was carried out between October and December 2007.

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