Others GroupM research offers fresh insight to consumer behaviour

GroupM research offers fresh insight to consumer behaviour

Author | exchange4media Bangalore Bureau | Tuesday, Apr 20,2004 7:40 AM

GroupM research offers fresh insight to consumer behaviour

GroupM, through its specialist unit MCI (Media Consumer Insights), has developed the first-ever mood-sensitive research system that offers ‘real time’ responses to over 60 different types of advertising opportunities.

The new initiative, called MindSet, offers fresh insight into which communication channels consumers notice, where and when they notice them – together with their frame of mind at the time of exposure. The channels covered by MindSet include all traditional media as well as direct marketing, retail and transport advertising sites. It also includes some of the more unusual advertising vehicles such as petrol pumps and beer mats.

MindSet, which is being rolled out on a worldwide basis, will also be tailored to an individual advertiser’s requirements, to include questions about specific brands among appropriate target groups. It promises to revolutionise the way they assess the value of different media.

Respondents are given a pre-programmed PDA that prompts every hour for two days with questions that cover location, state of mind, channel exposure, frequency and impact.

Says Sheila Byfield, Global Director, MCI: “This unique tool gives us a truer picture of people’s behaviour. Research shows that factors such as state of the mind and time have an impact upon how well people absorb advertising messages and, for the first time, MindSet will give advertisers access to this type of information.”

MindSet is being rolled out across the GroupM network either as stand-alone research or as part of the company’s global 3D studies. This unique data could form the basis of a groundbreaking new study into social behaviour, linked to advertising exposure.

Andre Nair, CEO, GroupM – South Asia, adds: “MindSet is a fantastic breakthrough in the neutral planning debate and will have huge benefits for clients. It is a rich portrait of social behaviour as well as a way of uncovering what consumers are noticing across every kind of paid-for communication vehicle. A proprietary planning tool has been developed that combines all of the relevant factors that influence effectiveness and will deliver even more effective media strategies for our clients.”

Referring to the implementation of this tool in Indian market, V Balasubramanium, National Director, MCI, says, “The customisation process such as language programming on the PDAs are in the process and we will be implementing in a month’s time. In India the implementation will be not only with 3D integration but also will cater to client-specific needs.”

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