Others Golden Ovary Awards salute the spirit of courageous women

Golden Ovary Awards salute the spirit of courageous women

Author | exchange4media News Service | Monday, Mar 24,2008 8:10 AM

Golden Ovary Awards salute the spirit of courageous women

The first Golden Ovary Awards were presented to five courageous women in the Capital on March 23. The Awards are a joint initiative of Meow FM, Guild of Women Achievers and Godfrey Phillips Bravery.

A nationwide hunt was conducted to find five brave Indian women, for which Meow FM had received nearly 390 entries. Of these, five exemplary women were chosen for the Golden Ovary Awards.

Chaya Srivasta, Founder of Guild of Women Achievers, said, “A women is either a victim, survivor or a contributor. Their story is no different from others who suffered in a similar manner, but they took up the opportunity to turn the threat into an opportunity for them.”

Anil Srivasta, COO, Meow FM, explained, “Whenever a man does something courageous we say that the guy has balls. However, an ovary is not just an organ in a female body, it is an attitude and hence, the Golden Ovary Awards. This time we conducted it at three stations, next time we want to take it to seven stations.”

Harmanjit Singh, GM-Corporate Communication, Godfrey Phillips, said, “The Golden Ovary Awards is a platform to project the real courageous women as role models and mentors for others.”

The women who received the awards were Simran Bobby Kaur, who overcame a bad marriage and after being abandoned by her husband, took over his taxi business, which she ran successfully. She later quit the business to start a playschool, which she has been running quite successfully.

Amna Mirza, is one of the youngest lecturers in the country at the age of 23 years. She fought adverse financial conditions to educate herself through scholarships.

Anuma Acharya fought all odds after losing both her parents at an early age and got not just herself, but her sisters educated too. She even got one of her sisters married and is a gazetted officer today.

Veena Pathela overcame her hearing disability to find gainful employment.

Indu Malhotra Sareen, too, overcame her disability and is working in a bank today. Sareen, who was also awarded the ‘Mind of Steel’ Award is visually challenged.

Said Gilroy Ashley Tills, Senior VP and Head, Radio Today, “Where bravery is always equated with men, a platform like this celebrates the courageous spirit of womanhood.”

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