Others Godrej encashes brand exposure gains through Alpha Gaurav Awards

Godrej encashes brand exposure gains through Alpha Gaurav Awards

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Tuesday, Feb 10,2004 7:27 AM

Godrej encashes brand exposure gains through Alpha Gaurav Awards

Research indicates that events provide several benefits. Alpha Gaurav Awards on Alpha Marathi, sponsored by Cinthol, was a case in point. The award earned the Godrej brand considerable mileage, exposure and viewership. If the findings of AdEx India are anything to go by, desserts like these can prove more fruitful than the regular diet.

Cinthol was the official sponsor of Alpha Gaurav awards in 2003 too. The findings of AdEx India, a division of TAM Media research, indicate that it has enough reason to do so. H K Press, Executive Director and President, Godrej Consumer Products remarks, “We are very happy with the results that were generated last time. So we continued to sponsor the event this year as well. We are sure that this time too the experience will be a fruitful one.”

Speaking more about the study, the objective was to reflect the mileage sponsors get on such programmes. The study recorded exposure in terms of duration and corresponding viewership, apart from the commercial time given to them. It counted the brand visibility within the event in various forms such as logos and banners and its position on television screens. It also took into account measures like quality of such exposures in context to prominence.

AdEx studied Alpha Gaurav’s last year’s telecast. As per the study, the official sponsor Cinthol was exposed to Alpha Marathi viewers for over two hours, almost 8000 seconds. Further bifurcation revealed that the brand was exposed ‘very prominently’ for 1120 seconds and ‘prominently’ for 3233 seconds. The rest was not prominent.

These exposures are accounted with the viewership data. At one point, the TVR of such exposures was 10.3. At an average, each exposure got 4.5 TVRs. What is interesting is that when these TVRs were divided between Mumbai and Maharashtra, the metro recorded a larger share. Where CS 4+ plus recorded figures of 4.99 and 6.74, the rest of Maharashtra was 2.19 and 1.75.

The ground activity of Aplha Gaurav 2004 is also completed and will be soon aired. The event was held in Mumbai. Alpha Gaurav felicitated excellence in Marathi Films, Theatre and the Music Industry. This year, Alpha Gaurav conferred the lifetime achievement to legends which included Bapu Chitranjan Kolhatakar, Prabhakar Panshikar and Vijaya Mehta.

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