Others Globalisation it is for most Indians, reveals AC Nielsen’s Global Online Consumer Opinion Survey

Globalisation it is for most Indians, reveals AC Nielsen’s Global Online Consumer Opinion Survey

Author | exchange4media News Service | Friday, Aug 25,2006 8:05 AM

Globalisation it is for most Indians, reveals AC Nielsen’s Global Online Consumer Opinion Survey

We don’t bat an eyelid at the luxuries of life that comes to us courtesy globalisation. We take it for granted when we are dressed in the latest international fashion brands, sip from a can of imported cola and surf the Net sitting at a cyber café belonging to a chain of repute.

According to AC Nielsen’s latest Global Online Consumer Opinion Survey, Indians along with half the world’s online consumers agree that globalisation has improved their lives considerably. These lifestyle changes vary from gaining access to international news and entertainment, enabling ownership of goods and services the same as anyone else in the world, to breaking down cultural differences and creating more job opportunities.

Sarang Panchal, Executive Director, Customised Research, AC Nielsen, South Asia, said, “Globalisation, especially the Internet, today has transformed commerce tremendously, creating new avenues for retailers and businesses to market their products and interact with their customers, and for job seekers and recruiters to seek each other out.”

He added, “Globalisation is impacting every sector and almost every part of our lives, whether through the advertisement and movies we see, the use of products or the transfer of talent in the sports industry from Asia to the US or Europe. Moreover, India’s IT boom has also increased the demand for Indians across the world.”

It is a known fact that globalisation has also created a world of job opportunities. In Asia Pacific, 53 per cent of the population believes that more global business in their markets brings greater job opportunities and better working lives. For 78 per cent Indians globalisation means better job opportunities that help them shape their career better.

The AC Nielsen Survey polled over 23,500 consumers online in 42 markets in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, Latin America, South Africa and the Middle East. Among the world’s consumers, Latin Americans and Asians are the biggest supporters of globalisation, and the value it adds to various aspects of their lives.

The findings state that globalisation has led to greater access to news, entertainment and information from all over the world with people in Asia Pacific being one of the biggest supporters (70 per cent).

In the Asia Pacific region, six in 10 Indians agree that globalisation is changing their values and making life too fast and impersonal. One of the reasons for some consumers to hold back from buying into globalization could be the general feeling that globalisation has made the market economy in which they live in become more vulnerable and easily affected by trends and events in other parts of the world.

Panchal added, “There are always two sides to a coin. Globalisation has its price. The survey findings for Asia Pacific indicate exactly that, because while one in two people polled were positive about the benefits of globalisation, they aren’t immune to its possible down-side.”

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