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Others Global Media Business Forum: Spotlight on corporate media and role of exhibitions

Global Media Business Forum: Spotlight on corporate media and role of exhibitions

Author | Nitin Pandey | Saturday, Feb 27,2010 7:50 AM

Global Media Business Forum: Spotlight on corporate media and role of exhibitions

The concluding day of the Global Business Media Forum saw the spotlight on topics such as ‘Corporate Media’ and ‘Events and Exhibitions: The power of face to face – best practices’.

Speaking at the Forum, Michael Hoflich, MD, Forum Corporate Publishing, noted, “Corporate publication is the appropriate tool for successful communication in times of crisis. Community publishing, classification of TG in terms of age, sex, etc., is necessary. We cannot forget that we live in a digital world and according to a survey, there are 1.7 billion online users all over the world. In Germany, there are 80 million mobile users and 5 million new articles are being updated every day at eBay. Print is a teaser for all types of media and printed magazines are at the centre of all the mediums.”

Taking forward the discussion, Xavier Collaco, India President, Media Transasia, commented, “Our focus has been international license publication in the last few years. ‘Swagat’, an in-flight magazine, is our most profitable product. Custom publishing should go beyond just creating a magazine. Content and production quality should also be kept in mind. Our custom publication division has grown during the slowdown too. We should be proud that we are in a sector that has shown growth even during difficult times.”

Prakash Johari, CEO, Maxposure Media Group, said, “No one has focused on the custom publication market in India. We need to provide value to the client. Corporate media market is underdeveloped and that is the opportunity. There are 28 states in India and there can be a magazine for every state. It will be a unique section. Consumer media is no longer encouraging, hence many can move towards corporate media. It’s a new direction for media in India.”

At present, India is where China was 15 years back in terms of infrastructure for exhibitions

The session on ‘Events and Exhibitions: The power of face to face – best practices’ was moderated by Glenn Hansen, President & CEO, BPA Worldwide.

Speaking at the session, Michael Duck, Senior VP, UBM Asia Ltd, said, “We do lots of fairs and exhibitions every year. Exhibitions are platforms where visitors are at the right place at the right time and meeting the right people. Although, how to touch exhibitors is a challenge. There are tremendous opportunities in India and challenges too. One of the biggest challenges is lack of venues of international standard. In India, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai are a few good places for holding exhibitions. In terms of venues and infrastructure, at present, India is where China was 15 years back. But I see things are changing and may get better in the next five years.”

Maneck Daver, Proprietor, Spenta Multimedia, added here, “We had organised an international boat show in Mumbai a few months back. And I believe we will build it up in size very soon. Our case is a little different from others. We started custom publishing first and then mainline publishing. Exhibitions are not just easy money. You have to have something unique to offer, either by way of subject or the way you handle it. But yes, trade shows have loyalty in comparison to consumer shows, that is why they are easy to audit.”

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