Others 'Global Indians are new age Karma Yogis at the altar of fame and money'

'Global Indians are new age Karma Yogis at the altar of fame and money'

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Thursday, Jun 28,2007 9:15 AM

'Global Indians are new age Karma Yogis at the altar of fame and money'

A study by JWT India on the global Indian through an Indian proprietary tool, Brand Chakras, reveals the centrality of ‘work is worship’ and identifies hot Chakra Payoffs that brands across categories can use.

The overriding finding is that for the global Indian, work will be clearly worshiping at the altar of fame and money and will be a stepping stone to playing god, some day soon. Conversations with consumers spanned key areas like work, money, relationships, lifestyle, technology and media.

Mythili Chandrasekar, Senior VP, Corporate Initiatives, JWT, and originator of Brand Chakras, said, “Brand Chakras is the first Indian strategic planning tool that applies the 2,000-year old chakra system as laid out by Patanjali, to consumers and brands.”

She added, “This original system of understanding human behaviour based on the seven major nerve/energy centres in the human body has never been used in brand planning, and is an initiative of strategic planning at JWT India.”

Looking at Indians through the seven chakras that drive and determine all human behaviour, the report titled ‘The Power and the Glory’ reveals that the global Indian today is largely driven by Manipura: the drive for power (solar plexus); Vishuddha: the voice of creative expression - in search of truth and higher creativity (throat); Ajana: desire for transcendence – active intelligence (third eye). Further, 16 ‘payoffs’ were identified for this global Indian segment, out of a total of 60.

Commenting on the study by JWT, Colvyn Harris, CEO, JWT India said, “We are very pleased at the depth of insights that this new Indian way of looking at brands and consumers has generated. This is something we, as the leading Indian advertising agency can give the world”.

He further said, “The global Indian symbolises and drives Indian optimism today and we are the first to study this leading edge target group. The findings are applicable for brands across categories and have a basket of insights for creative to dip into.”

The study identified different segments of Work is worship, Globalness, Relationships, Money, Social give-back, Spiritual liberation, Experiences, Technology and Masculinity.

The insight mining exercise was done among men and women between 25 and 45 years of age, in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, who are frequently interacting with the world. They included people who have returned to India after stints abroad as well as Indians currently living abroad. The study also draws from media monitoring and blogging.

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