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Others Global Business Media Forum: Turning the spotlight on the B2B media community

Global Business Media Forum: Turning the spotlight on the B2B media community

Author | Nitin Pandey | Friday, Feb 26,2010 6:53 AM

Global Business Media Forum: Turning the spotlight on the B2B media community

The two-day Global Business Media Forum, organised by Cross Border Media Inc, got underway in Delhi on February 25, 2010. The Forum provides an interactive platform to the Indian B2B community to get together with their international counterparts to exchange ideas and best practices from around the world. Day one saw discussions on topics such as ‘Advertising in Business Media’ and ‘Growth of digital media platform and new media opportunities’.

Speaking at the panel discussion on ‘Advertising in Business Media’, Ambika Srivastava, Chairperson, ZenithOptimedia, noted, “There are lots of nice things about the special interest (B2B) media, and there is a huge opportunity in this domain. However, there are some challenges too lying ahead. Media has to influence the consumers in different stages. Media has evolved, but metrics have not evolved yet. Conversation with customers is extremely important.”

Derek Reisfield, Chairman, BBN Networks, commented, “B2B ad spends are not getting space in the B2B domain. Most of the ad spend is on other domains because B2B domain may be a little difficult and confusing to deal with. The B2B domain has not been able to engage consumers and establish an effective line of communication with the audience till now. This needs to be taken into the consideration.”

According to Megan Clarken, MD - Asia Pacific, Nielsen Online, “We can measure online advertising by listening to consumer insights and understanding brand health. Also, by understanding brand awareness, we can assess the advertising impact.”

The panel discussion on ‘Growth of Digital Media Platform and New Media Opportunities’ was moderated by Derek Reisfield, Chairman, BBN Networks.

Initiating the discussion, Reisfield said, “We need to go beyond banner ads in the digital domain. We need to deliver experience and not just an impression. The big challenge is to create involvement, establish connection, deliver complex messages and creating communities. Video, e-newslatters, e-blast, webiners and widgets can be the solutions for brand ads, new launches, event promotions and audience engagement ads.”

Yutaka Amano, GM, Impress Holdings delved on new media, particularly e-books, in his presentation. He said that Impress Holdings mainly focused on IT, music, web design, medical and outdoor domains. “Enterprise users want to buy what they need; they also want to minimise the cost, and want to get un-printable digital files mostly. Some users need physical files like paper print. What we all need to understand is that marketing, sales promotion and price are key points to focus on. A one-stop shop portal for papers can be good and not just URL links. It should also be flexible for various VIP discounts,” Amano added.

Putting forward the Indian B2B media industry’s perspective, Anurag Batra, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief, exchange4media Group, said, “B2B media is all about brand and content. Young people want to enjoy print media, but they want to interact with it the way they do with digital. They want it to be instant, sortable, searchable and portable. I believe that web is for scanning and not for deep reading. Publishers are very excited after the introduction of Apple’s iPad and it may become the future of print media.”

He further said, “However, will anybody be willing to pay for the content delivered to a tablet PC when it is already available for free? Is a tablet PC better than web browsers, and how are tablet-based ads better than web-based ad banners? These are the questions that need to be answered. What is also important to note is that almost 80 per cent of the new launches are happening in the online domain and B2B publishers have started getting attention.”

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