Others Gaming space soon to embrace Bollywood, say animation experts

Gaming space soon to embrace Bollywood, say animation experts

Author | Malini Menon | Friday, Jan 14,2005 7:08 AM

Gaming space soon to embrace Bollywood, say animation experts

The widening gaming space would rope in even the silver screen icons in future, predict experts. Animation professionals believe that the years to come would see Bollywood entering the gaming platform and it won’t be too far away when good scripts would be evolved around filmstars.

On the second day of the Nasscom Seminar on Animation India 2005, at Hyderabad, industry experts shared their views on the future of the industry. “Bollywood will certainly enter the gaming arena as there are new options being explored,” said Sachin Naik, Business Director, Milestones Interactive Software.

“In fact, one of the Bollywood producers came to us saying that he wanted to make a game. The reason why we couldn’t go forward was because the time span was short and we could not have delivered a superior quality product in such a short time,” he shared.

On whether consumers, who play downloadable games, would prefer Spiderman to Shah Rukh Khan, he said, “Consumers would go for games that are aspirations for them. Being a Shah Rukh Khan may be an aspiration for somebody and may not be an aspiration for some. There are consumers who between Spiderman and let’s say a Shah Rukh Khan game would opt for the former, however, there are consumers who may go for the latter as well. At the end of the day, what matters is the quality of the game and the character on which the story is based.”

Asked why Bollywood was not explored till now, he responded, “One of the reasons why Bollywood has not entered the gaming spectrum is because most Indians prefer watching a movie not because of the story but the cast in it. And gaming does not require stars. It requires characters. Secondly, most of the Bollywood themes don’t match with the gaming wave because the story line-up is on family values and romance. However, nowadays people are exploring with themes and so we are looking forward to themes that could draw a gaming script.”

Other speakers, which included Vishal Gondal, Director, India Games, Rajesh Rao, CEO, Dhruva Interactive and Anurag Khurana, CEO, Paradox Studios, also agreed with Naik in stating that it was just a question of time when Bollywood would enter the gaming spectrum. “A lot of experiments are happening in different genres of gaming and we are looking at different ways in which we can associate ourselves with Bollywood. It would certainly lead to many products that can reach out to the mass markets, said Rao.

Khurana, summing up the session, said, “The gaming community are conscious about the fact that Bollywood-based gaming can really be a driving factor and a lot of interactions are happening towards that front. It is a market in itself which can be explored.”

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