Others FMCC Media Sales Workshop: ‘Media planning is a series of trade-offs’

FMCC Media Sales Workshop: ‘Media planning is a series of trade-offs’

Author | Robin Thomas | Monday, Jun 09,2008 8:02 AM

FMCC Media Sales Workshop: ‘Media planning is a series of trade-offs’

Day two of the FMCC Media Sales Workshop, which was held in Mumbai on June 6-7, saw the likes of NP Sathyamurthy, Joint President, Lintas Media Group, and Arun Sharma, GM-Marketing and Head-Media Sponsorship & Alliances, Airtel, speak on topics like Media Strategies and Evaluation, and Understanding Client’s Media Strategy.

Speaking on the best means of communications, Sathyamurthy sought to make the session interactive. According to him, “It’s all about aptness, it’s about the role of respective media, and it’s about how smart you are in your schedule. Media planning is a series of trade offs. Effective planning result in trade-offs.”

Sathyamurthy asked the audience to avoid using jargons while communicating. He asked those present to use words that could be easily understood by the common man. “Consumer is the editor of content, and in most cases, consumers dictate the content. It is no longer about mass media, but media consumption by the day,” he added.

He further said that he did not rely on TAM and readership data.

On his concluding note, Sathyamurthy said, “We tend to judge too quickly and that is where the problem lies. You need to develop trust among your clients, and eventually you will get what you want.”

Giving the client’s perspective, Airtel’s Arun Sharma said, “The role of media head is that of a finance manager. He is responsible for developing funds across media vehicles that deliver maximum ROI.”

Sharma further said, “Clients are not a homogeneous mass, but very much a heterogeneous mass. Every client is different and should be treated differently. Different clients have different objectives. Ask yourself where you fit in.”

According to Sharma, the important questions to ask the client were, “What do you think is the role of my product in your media plan and how can I help you in your business. Moreover, you need to be a very good team player within your organisation and be trustworthy. Before you sell your product, sell yourself.”

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