Others E&Y and KPMG register with IRS

E&Y and KPMG register with IRS

Author | exchange4media News Service | Wednesday, Apr 06,2011 8:54 AM

E&Y and KPMG register with IRS

The Media Research Users’ Council (MRUC) has announced that E&Y and KPMG have become the newest members and subscribers to its flagship product, the Indian Readership Survey (IRS).

While consulting companies have been making reference to IRS data and knowledge for a while now in their reports and recommendations to their customers, MRUC has been urging them to become authorised subscribers of the product in order to take full advantage of all its features. As a result of active persuasion by MRUC over the last quarter or so, both firms have now become regular IRS subscribers.

In a prepared statement, Shaswati Saradar, Director General, MRUC, stated, “Reputed consulting companies have always understood the value of the rich and granular data and knowledge offered by IRS. What they were perhaps not aware was the benefit of a full usage license as against borrowing some summary data from other users. It took a bit of time for them to confirm, but we are happy that finally nine leading consulting companies have decided in favour of making legal and authorised usage of the product by paying a reasonable subscription amount.”

The statement also stated that other consulting companies were in active discussion with MRUC to subscribe to IRS and other MRUC research products. Subscription to a full usage license not only gives user companies all the IRS data on demand, they also get the advantage of a powerful and user friendly software that makes it easy to run a number of types of analyses and draw meaningful conclusions. MRUC and its research agency also provide installation and free user training to subscribers.

MRUC has been working diligently with all stakeholder segments to encourage authorised use of the IRS product, and avoid legal complications arising out of contravention of terms of license and violation of intellectual property rights.


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