Others Everest goes ‘out of box’ with media independent solutions

Everest goes ‘out of box’ with media independent solutions

Author | Malini Menon | Monday, Jul 11,2005 7:05 AM

Everest goes ‘out of box’ with media independent solutions

Creativity has no boundaries and Everest Brands Solutions is proving this by reaching out to the realm of independent media solutions. After all the noise the agency created on its ‘re-look’, Everest is now on a full swing, providing solutions to clients that go beyond a 10 cm print advertisement or a 30-second television ad space.

“The agency is trying to bury the creative brief concept. The new approach that we have adopted is the problem-solution method. We reason at every stage by asking the simple question ‘why’, and come down to the basic consumer insight,” said Rajeev Rakshit, General Manager and Vice-President, Everest Brand Solutions.

The agency has done some interesting work with this concept. For the Red and White Bravery awards, the property owned by tobacco major Godfrey Phillips India (GPI), the agency came out with a different line of communication. From physical bravado, the focus was shifted to evoking the spirit of compassion, giving it a social twist.

“We wanted to create a movement and involved Javed Akhtar to compose the bravery anthem. Shankar, Ehsan and Loy rendered the music. The idea was to make the anthem as iconic as the song ‘Mile sur mera tumhara’,” said Rakshit. He added that rather than going for a 30-second TV commercial showing acts of bravery, Everest decided to ‘break the limits’. The agency was now looking at creating a music video on this anthem, Rakshit further said.

For Hitachi air conditioners, the agency backed the television commercial with a unique solution, which was to print 1,000 books with the title “Autobiography of an Air Conditioner.” The book appears like a novel and the back cover indicates that it has been published by ‘Neverest Books’. The novel contains no content till you reach the last leaf where the page mentions the author – Hitachi qaudricool.

That’s not all. The agency also planted a plug on the Hindu’s book review section. “The response was overwhelming. We planted the books at coffee shops and priced it at Rs 20. Surprisingly, people bought the 1,000 copies and now we are printing more,” he said.

Rakshit added that a lot of thought went into this media independent solution. “Hitachi has positioned itself as a premier product carrying a price tag between Rs 23,000 and Rs 34,000. The task was truly to create ‘urban, upmarket’ impression of the brand among an urban, upmarket audience. Urban people love reading books and are mostly spotted at coffee shops. This is what led us to catching them there,” he explained.

Rakshit said that Everest would continue to work towards more media independent solutions for other brands as well. In fact, for the Red and White brand, an album capturing moments of bravado is also being planned. It looks like the agency is literally thinking “out of box”.

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