Others Event mngmt is about under promising and over delivering

Event mngmt is about under promising and over delivering

Author | Abid Hasan | Tuesday, Jun 05,2012 12:55 AM

Event mngmt is about under promising and over delivering

“It is a brave new world for all of us. We did not get into the event management industry by design; we got into it by accident. Years ago it was not a popular career choice. People only wanted to become lawyers, doctors and engineers,” said Michael Menezes, Managing Director, Showtime Group.


However, he shared that the industry has changed now with it being called experiential marketing. Young turks are bringing professionalism to the industry and women are doing very well. He shared an interesting finding that almost 75 per cent of the event industry in the US is run by women.


Avik Prabhu, Executive Director, Showtime Group threw a different light on event management. He said, “We all are born mangers in this country as everyday one has to manage a lot of things in his/her daily life – right from traffic to bosses. Event management is all about working 24X7 to put an hour-long show.”

“Event management is tough and a client satisfaction is the goodwill,” he added.

Meanwhile, Sanjoy Roy, Managing Director of Teamwork Productions stressed on how to create, build and sustain an event management company. “There are three things we have to keep in mind – USP, networking and promotions,” he said.

He said that organisations should focus on that one aspect that they can provide best that others cannot. “Hospitality is the best USP that companies in India can provide as we have plenty of resources at our disposal. Clients are extremely happy when companies under promise and over deliver.”

Networking can give a company great boost as it is always beneficial – if not today, then few years down the line. Roy also spoke at length on the importance of promotions, especially with the great platform of social media.

Michael Menezes, Avik Prabhu, Sanjoy Roy shared their views at India Event Management Summit 2012 held in Gurgaon on June 1.

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