Others Elections 2009: After ‘Lead India’, now comes ‘Bleed India’

Elections 2009: After ‘Lead India’, now comes ‘Bleed India’

Author | Tuhina Anand | Wednesday, Mar 25,2009 8:06 AM

Elections 2009: After ‘Lead India’, now comes ‘Bleed India’

Election ke din aap ghar pe baitho. AC on rakho aur time pass karo. Then only will Pappu Raj be back. You better bill-ieve it. Pappu Raj: Jaisa naam vaisa kaam’. Wondering when all and sundry are coaxing people to cast their vote, what do these two lines mean? Well, this is a print ad doing rounds for bleedindia.com, which proclaims – ‘No Tension. Don’t Vote in Election’.

A quick Google search leads one to the website of bleedindia.com (http://bleedindia.com/index.html), which talks of The Times of India’s award winning ‘Lead India’ campaign and says that while the leading national daily looks out for its New Age leaders, they are focusing the arc lights on those who Bleed India. In short, the focus is on scamsters, corrupt politicians and all those who despite the wrong doings have mastered the art of eschewing law.

There are various sections on the website like ‘Party Time’, which introduces visitors to Pappu Raj, our neta, and there is a gamut of options to get familiar with the man, his party and ‘moneyfesto’, besides learning to be as crooked as Pappuji. There are games such as ‘kursi-ka-khel’, polls, ringtones, wallpapers, screensavers, and also an ad to join scam classes, though when one clicks on the link, a message appears that says nothing comes for free. Bring a donation!

There is no mention of the people behind these ads on the website. But a few phone calls later, the fingers point towards The Times of India, though this couldn’t be confirmed. The buzz is that the campaign aims at targeting the youth and getting them to vote.

The creative for the campaign has been done by Bawa Broadcasting Corporation, an agency which is led by Cyrus Oshidar of MTV fame. The agency, too, declined to comment and their reply was - “Hi, this is a message from Pappu Raj. He’s sorry, but he will not be able to speak to you till the elections are over. Client would prefer silence till then”.

So, the mystery remains on the identity of the client. It is, however, learnt that the campaign is a voting message for youth and encouraging them to use their voting rights to bring a change, else India will continue to bleed. There is more to the campaign, so watch out.

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