Others EFX looks to make cinema shy advertisers explore the medium

EFX looks to make cinema shy advertisers explore the medium

Author | Deepshikha Singh | Thursday, Jun 12,2008 8:29 AM

EFX looks to make cinema shy advertisers explore the medium

With the increase in the number of multiplexes and malls in metros and mini-metros, a significant shift has been noticed in consumer behaviour across the country. Companies like EFX, an on-screen activation company, are actively tapping the scope presented by cinema media adverting that ensures accountability and measurability.

According to Anil Sangwan, National Sales Head, EFX, “The cinema is cost effective and has greater impact than television. Advertisement spends done in multiplexes not only increases the recall value, but also provides a long term impact on sales revenues. Our arms extend from the on-screen advertising rights and pre-movie or ad-content production facilities.”

He further said, “As a specialist in the cine advertising arena with strategic support alliances with leading players in the media segment, our effort is to strengthen our affiliations and improve client customer experiences with creative depth and pragmatic solutions. Our initiative, ‘Filmlet’, is a simple and effective medium for delivering short term messages with animated visual and sound effects.”

For any kind of below-the-line activity, malls and multiplexes are the major touch points as they allow the brand lifecycle to prosper. EFX is also focusing on exploiting the cinema shy advertisers to explore this medium. From being a leading player in on-screen activation space, EFX is also expanding into off-screen activation arena after witnessing the customers requiring a single service provider to satisfy their growing requirements. At the same time, the company is also looking at inorganic growth through mergers and acquisitions in the event mgmt space.

Chennai-based EFX is part of the 50-year old Prasad Group. The company’s services include computer graphics, digital intermediate, digital film restoration, reverse telecine and brand activation. EFX has offices in all metros in India and plans to expand its overseas sales operations to Dubai, Singapore and Hollywood.

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