Others EEMAGINE 2009 convention commences in Agra

EEMAGINE 2009 convention commences in Agra

Author | Supriya Thanawala | Friday, Jul 10,2009 8:21 AM

EEMAGINE 2009 convention commences in Agra

The Event and Entertainment Management Association (EEMA)’s second national convention, EEMAGINE, is all set to roll. The three-day event, being held in Agra, has an interesting series of discussions, meetings and networking sessions between owners, directors as well as senior management personnel.

Speaking on the Convention, Michael Menezes, President, EEMA, said, “We are really trying to get a flavour of where the industry is headed next, and what it should do. There are officials arriving from all over the country, and it will be a truly pan-India association.”

EEMA has tied up with NDTV Profit, and, and hoping to widen their reach through this alliance. “We do need to reach out to the entire fraternity of advertisers and media professionals, and the only way we can do this is by having partners and taking it through their channels,” Menezes explained.

He further said that some of the highlights of the convention would include keynote addresses on the global perspective of the industry, a review of the Association’s work over the years, how the industry needs to position itself in the future, and what its strategies should be.

Some of the sessions at EEMAGINE 2009, which commence from July 10, ‘There is no substitute for team work’; ‘Global Perspective of the Event Industry’; ‘Developing a Measurement Tool for the Event and Experiential Marketing Industry’; ‘Positioning the Event and Experiential Marketing Industry’; and ‘The Gen Next Perspective’.

Another important aspect that would be discussed would be about the development of a measurement system for the experiential marketing industry, like there is for television, radio, and print, through TAM, RAM and the readership surveys.

There will also be entertainment and interactive events like live band performances on Friday evening, inter-agency corporate games, a visit to the Taj Mahal, and finally culminating with awards ceremony on the night of July 11.

“We are also getting the next generation of employees to put their thinking caps on,” Menezes said, admitting that the events industry was, in fact, initially affected by the recession pretty badly.

“Event expenditure is usually the first thing that companies cut down on during a recession, but the ultimate analysis is that marketing is an important part of work for any company, and one can’t afford to not spend on it eventually,” he pointed out.

Menezes is also optimistic about the industry’s performance in the coming months with several national and international sporting events lined up, including the Commonwealth Games, which, according to him, “is a landmark occasion for the industry”.

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