Others Easy referencing with the Creative Sourcebook

Easy referencing with the Creative Sourcebook

Author | Anushree Madan Mohan | Saturday, Feb 19,2005 8:00 AM

Easy referencing with the Creative Sourcebook

What's the Creative Sourcebook, you may ask. It's the advertising, media and marketing industry's first resource book (Yellow Pages) with over 133 categories of services. Published for two cities Mumbai and Delhi, the Creative Sourcebook has served professional and non-professional audience with a fresh database of ad agencies, ad film makers, graphic designers, cine artistes, make up artistes, photographers and much more. The book is being brought out by Source Publishers, along with other specialised books such as The Design Source, The Complete Sourcebook- Kitchens, The Complete Sourcebook- Bed & Bath, The Complete Sourcebook- Home Decor, Beautiful Mind and Chhoti Chhoti Batein.

Says Allen John, Manager- Advertising & Marketing Services, Source Publishers, "We have been catering to the advertising, media and marketing industry for nine years. The purpose is to provide accurate, reliable and current database of various service providers, professionals and manufacturers in the field. Creative Sourcebook is a warehouse of very relevant and useful information need by marketing and publicity department of any organisation. This data is very useful to any corporation, banks, MNC's, pharma companies, manufacturing units, service organisations, film studios, advertising agencies. These companies are always on the lookout for services to execute their marketing, sales and publicity plans. The data is placed in a well-classified manner. An additional alphabetic index is provided at the end for easy referencing."

What kind of value-adds are given to the Creative Sourcebook year on year? Allen says, "We are very aware on the need to innovate and improvise. We are on the constant lookout of changes happening in the Ad and Publicity industry and their new requirements. We try to fulfill this need. There are some new things planned which are still in the nascent stage to be discussed. The 2006 edition would definitely have much more categories from the same industry with a fresh look with more information on the sourcing of products & services. Updation of the existing data and search of new sources and companies from the relevant industry is a continuous process. We use special promotional methods and use different corporate database for promoting the sourcebook.

This has helped us to reach to professionals and services which are otherwise not easily available." Is it a financially relevant proposition to bring out such a publication? Is there a need felt in the industry per say? Allen adds, "Yes, our experience counts! The response derived has forced us to increase our circulation year after year. Print media is still the most powerful and a product like the sourcebook is most useful in this form. It is also convenient to carry the sourcebook around. The Creative Sourcebook is always found on the desks of various professional media personalities. People refer to even an older edition." There are more such editions planned for cities such as Bangalore, Chennai and Ahmedabad.

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