Others DNA, RED FM in strategic tie-up to leverage respective brands

DNA, RED FM in strategic tie-up to leverage respective brands

Author | Shikha Saroj | Friday, Oct 28,2005 9:19 AM

DNA, RED FM in strategic tie-up to leverage respective brands

When two media companies think of entering into a strategic alliance, the first thing that they ought to have in common is their ideology. Keeping this in mind, RED FM 93.5 and DNA have tied up to speak out and discuss issues openly. Both RED and DNA are now leveraging their respective brands on similar grounds with DNA saying ‘Speak Up’ and RED saying- ‘Awaaz Uthaate Raho.’

The strategic alliance between DNA and RED will be in areas like content, music and entertainment, Bollywood, marketing, ground tie-ups and promotions. This alliance will enable both companies to reach out to a larger audience while keeping their individual identities intact.

Pradeep Guha, President, DNA, said, “The strong media platforms of RED and DNA are very apt to promote each other’s properties and brands, and merging the audience base of the two will only help create a larger and stronger loyalty base.”

Commenting on the local, city-centric nature of RED and DNA, Guha said that the youthful, vibrant, upscale and Mumbai outlook of both RED and DNA had made this an alliance that was waiting to happen.

Agreeing with Guha, Suresh Balakrishnan, CMO, DNA, said, “This alliance is in sync with the marketplace. DNA and RED have similar attitudes with RED deviating from mindless banter and music to also focus on serious issues and DNA being the pulse of Mumbai.”

Abraham Thomas, COO, RED FM, said, “I am excited about the alliance as both of us share a common philosophy and it offers immense scope for synergy across content, marketing, causes and alliances. Together we will nicely complement each other to be an integral part of Mumbai.”

He further said, “We at RED believe in raising issues while keeping our sense of humour intact.” Reflecting this are RED’s outdoor commercials that have life-sized cars and real buckets on the billboards.

Both companies have redefined media marketing in the past. With RED now having a print arm in DNA and DNA now having a radio arm in RED, the alliance will enable both to address the common man’s issues in a manner that’s interesting and engaging.

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