Others Discovering my love for GRPs and TVRs – Khushboo Tanna

Discovering my love for GRPs and TVRs – Khushboo Tanna

Author | Khushboo Tanna | Friday, Jan 01,2010 9:05 AM

Discovering my love for GRPs and TVRs – Khushboo Tanna

For most people, the year would just have ended, but for me, it’s just begun; that’s because I am hardly a month old in exchange4media, and the year-end work has kept me busy as ever. Trust me, it sounds much harder than it sounds, especially when one starts working after a super chilled out sabbatical!

During my sabbatical I rediscovered the love for what I do for living – writing. Bundle that with the fact that I get to meet and interview the coolest people; sounds great doesn’t it? While I have been a part of this industry since the past couple of years, I am now exploring a new dimension in this industry as I will be writing on broadcast media.

The first impression of ‘Broadcast’ is a little scary – it’s like the distant relative that you have always found to be spooky. But once you speak to the relative, you realise he/she is very interesting and a lot of fun as well.

I had a perception that advertising was crazier than broadcast, but I was wrong and how. So, meeting three head honchos of three different channels and adhering to insane deadlines become routine with me. And all this in just two weeks!

So here I am, on the last day of this year, eagerly waiting to be embraced by all the TVRs and GRPs during the next year. Can’t wait!

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