Others Dhar & Hoon Media - a new preface to Dhar & Hoon

Dhar & Hoon Media - a new preface to Dhar & Hoon

Author | Neha Pant | Friday, Oct 18,2002 7:20 AM

Dhar & Hoon Media - a new preface to Dhar & Hoon

Recognizing the contribution of 'media thinking' to strategy and creative development, creative hot shop Dhar & Hoon has set up its media department - Dhar & Hoon Media, last week.

Explaining the need of the media arm at Dhar & Hoon, Pankaj Kumar, Media Director, Dhar & Hoon, says, "All the agencies have their own media departments. It is not about muscle and big fight, it's about quality. And in today's environment, there is so much to offer that one can easily create a space for itself." Kumar has had stints with McCann on Nestle, Adbur (Dabur's in house media house) on various Dabur brands and Madison on Coca-Cola.

"All this while our strength has been creative. We have all the departments, i.e., creative, servicing and account management, only media was missing. And today most of the communication is media driven and at times some media innovations give creative directions also. So, to have a media point of view and use media beyond numbers, we initiated this media department", adds Nikhil Rungta, Account Director, Dhar & Hoon.

With a team of four people and the philosophy to creatively provide a media point of view, Pankaj Kumar will head the media department. The agency has made significant investments in people and media databases. Rungta says, "Apart from the people all the relevant software's and databases necessary for the smooth functioning of the media department have been put into place." Some of the media database includes TAM, MAP, and IRS.

"We wish to go a good job. For example, all the agencies use the same data be it TAM or IRS or anything else but they use this data with different interpretation. We also intend to do something different and unique for our clients and create a space for ourselves," says Kumar.

Dhar & Hoon currently handle advertising for Honda Cars (City & Accord), Dabur Real fruit juices, Milkfood and Modi Apollo international.

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