Others Cutting Edge Media ties up with ITV and Asian FM

Cutting Edge Media ties up with ITV and Asian FM

Author | Anushree Madan Mohan | Wednesday, Mar 10,2004 6:26 AM

Cutting Edge Media ties up with ITV and Asian FM

Need to reach out to Indians residing in the US of A? Cutting Edge Media is acting as the bridge between Indian advertisers and the high net worth individuals of Indian and South Asian origin, who form a substantial part of the well-to-do population in the United States.

ITV is an established, 15-year-old cable television channel, while Asian FM caters to five Asian populated states in the region, namely Long Island, Detroit, Houston, Chicago and New York. Experts from Cutting Edge Media would provide a backbone to advertisers that are looking to invest in the region by offering them attractive packages on ITV, Asian FM and their online versions.

Says Rohinton Maloo, CEO, Cutting Edge Media, “In terms of purchasing power, Indians and South Asians form the richest minority in the United States and its natural that brands such as Parle, Kohinoor, MDH Masala, Amul, Naukri.com, Shaadi.com or Indian Airlines would want to target them. The people of Asian origin within USA are high net worth individuals, professionals that work in big companies and contribute greatly to the economy. Brands can advertise on ITV and Asian FM and get visibility on their online versions as well. The kind of packages we offer consists of activity starting from two weeks which would go on up to six weeks.”

What are Cutting Edge Media’s expectations from this venture? Maloo asserts, “The kind of response we are seeing for this venture is tremendous. We are getting enquiries from people every minute; advertisers that are interested in reaching out to Indian residents within the United States. In the first year, we hope to make around 9, 00,000 dollars.”

Maloo believes, “Brands such as LG have been looking to reach out to this part of the population since long. We are merely providing a platform for more of advertisers to reach out to people overseas. Indians and other South Asians in USA are always willing to buy Indian products and invest in Indian products and services. There’s a huge market waiting to be tapped.”

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