Others Come join the joy ride – Tasneem Limbdiwala

Come join the joy ride – Tasneem Limbdiwala

Author | Tasneem Limbdiwala | Friday, Jan 01,2010 9:04 AM

Come join the joy ride – Tasneem Limbdiwala

What a year 2009 has been! Definitely an eye-opener, which also taught me how to deal with some crucial and challenging times. Well, as for me, it’s been precisely three years and four months at exchange4media. But still every day seems new and there are times when I feel I am still a trainee – there is so much to observe and learn. So, here begins yet another year of growing up for this truck driver…

2009 has been a year of highs and lows. But it has also been a fun ride. For me, my joy ride began in June 2009, when we got some new resources on board and created a great team at both exchange4media.com and impact. 2009 has been a eye-opener – both professionally and emotionally. It was a year that taught me to separate friend from foe. Being a journalist, for me facts and accuracy of information is extremely vital. However, some sources I deal with forget this point when I interact with them and that has put me in some hot water. I do so want to tell them, ‘Guys, please take me seriously’.

For me, 2009 was also a year choc-a-bloc with events, events and more events. It started off with the Social Media Summit 2009, followed by the exchange4media Conclave. It was then that I realised the essence of business and knowledge about my very own industry. But seriously, 2009 also surged ahead and before I knew it, it was December – the best month of the year for me! However, December has also been the busiest month of the year for me, what with the Effies, impact Person of the Year 2009 Award presentation and Media Agency Ranking Report coming back to back.

However, no complaints. These events brought in an adrenaline rush and I actually enjoyed every bit of that madness and challenge. On a personal note, I have been dubbed the ‘truck driver’ of the office, but I solemnly swear that this truck driver has sobered down quite a bit and is moving towards being more sophisticated. Go figure…

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